Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where in the world

                                                                          Beijing China                                                     By, Alex

Yay Beijing! What do you think when I say Beijing. You might think china, well yes it is in china but do you know anything fun to do while in Beijing. Wonder what places to go, the food to eat, the things to do in Beijing?
One of the places you can visit is the Forbidden city which is a temple in Beijing. The great wall of china is also in Beijing. If you fall off the great wall of china you would die (Jesus).The great wall of china is in the northern part of Beijing. The summer palace is a beautiful place it’s just pixelated so yeah… Anyway the summer palace is a place that is very good to relax in, I guess.
Now what to eat. First of all I’d eat the noodles. The list of food I have to eat is dumplings, egg rolls, chicken, shrimp, fortune cookies of course, and rice. After that feast I would be fat.
Now what else should you do in Beijing? Of course you can go see a panda, but something more fun. You can learn Martial arts and fight random people on the streets. After learning Martial arts you can fight a panda or you can sumo wrestle a panda.
China seems fun and I recommend you all to go to Beijing even though I have never been there. It is a great place to explore and the sites would be awesome, and of course the two best things in Beijing is the food and PANDAS.


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