Friday, February 20, 2015


      Why I want to go to college!

Ever want to play something extraordinary? Well if I could I would make a fun, weird, catchy, but interesting game. College would be perfect to help me chase that dream. Yet I would probably need help from others which it would be very fun to work with. College will be very helpful to me because I would learn how to manage everything and how to make a game animated and probably 3d. The games would be educational and others will just be for fun, for all the other gamers out there trying to complete every game or something like that.
After college I would like to create my first game and sell a whole bunch of games for anyone so they can learn about langue, math, and have an adventure. Once i get done I would make a game of a boy that tries to stop an evil scientist that is planning to take over his town, and make it an action game so there is fighting but not with blood kind of like mortal combat.
Education will help me because i would need a job to earn money. Then i would use the money to save up to go to college. I also need to graduate to get my diploma in high school and in college. After that I will pursuit my dream!

Going to college would be awesome and helpful to my dream. I would create games for all players around the world. Even though that might mean I need a translator. After my success I would start a family and get a nice car and house.