Friday, May 8, 2015

Author notes for choose your own adventure thing

I made  a story with jesus and it is about zombies and stuff that try to chase you and you try to survive but it is a struggle. We first used paper to do the map for the choices and then we transported it to a word doc and then we did a key note. It turned out very awesome and I think that would have been the best we could have done. I like to work with my partner and it was very fun. I didn't like is that it was for a class and it was homework.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

Have you ever looked up at someone and thought one day you would like to become like them? Well I found that someone and she is my inspiration. Mrs. Nordby is a cool teacher and is awe-inspiring. She is a fun teacher that likes to have fun and teaches while having class being entertaining sometimes.
Mrs. Nordby had some advice, and her advice meant a lot because it is very useful. But one of the advice that was given to her was to start everyday new. She gave me and others advice of always trying your best and keep going. She probably gave her kids the same advice. She has four kids and she enjoys raising them most of the time. But as a kid Mrs. Nordby never thought of teaching and always wanted to be an accountant.
Mrs. Nordby enjoys school. She likes to learn all types of things every day. The more you know. But like other people she had difficulty. She teaches a variety of classes which are English, Math, Reading, and Study Hall even though she doesn’t teach there but helps kids as they do their homework and learn. Her trouble was to study but I think anyone studies anymore but she studied to become successful in college.
One of Mrs. Nordby best success is getting her degree of teaching in college. Becoming a teacher was one of her biggest successes. You are probably wondering what other successes could she be happy for. She is very happy of the success of her kids and and what they have done. You could be wondering “Is she proud of anything else?” well she is. Most people don’t really care about it but it’s cool and she thinks it’s very cool. She really like the new cleaning supply called Dawn Paper Towel she got for her birthday.

Mrs. Nordby is very chill, awesome, and different. I would kind of like to be like her when i grow up but I don’t really like to clean. She deals with things that are bad today but tomorrow she will be very excited and ready to learn. That is why she is my inspiration and she could be everyone’s inspiration one day. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where in the world

                                                                          Beijing China                                                     By, Alex

Yay Beijing! What do you think when I say Beijing. You might think china, well yes it is in china but do you know anything fun to do while in Beijing. Wonder what places to go, the food to eat, the things to do in Beijing?
One of the places you can visit is the Forbidden city which is a temple in Beijing. The great wall of china is also in Beijing. If you fall off the great wall of china you would die (Jesus).The great wall of china is in the northern part of Beijing. The summer palace is a beautiful place it’s just pixelated so yeah… Anyway the summer palace is a place that is very good to relax in, I guess.
Now what to eat. First of all I’d eat the noodles. The list of food I have to eat is dumplings, egg rolls, chicken, shrimp, fortune cookies of course, and rice. After that feast I would be fat.
Now what else should you do in Beijing? Of course you can go see a panda, but something more fun. You can learn Martial arts and fight random people on the streets. After learning Martial arts you can fight a panda or you can sumo wrestle a panda.
China seems fun and I recommend you all to go to Beijing even though I have never been there. It is a great place to explore and the sites would be awesome, and of course the two best things in Beijing is the food and PANDAS.


Friday, February 20, 2015


      Why I want to go to college!

Ever want to play something extraordinary? Well if I could I would make a fun, weird, catchy, but interesting game. College would be perfect to help me chase that dream. Yet I would probably need help from others which it would be very fun to work with. College will be very helpful to me because I would learn how to manage everything and how to make a game animated and probably 3d. The games would be educational and others will just be for fun, for all the other gamers out there trying to complete every game or something like that.
After college I would like to create my first game and sell a whole bunch of games for anyone so they can learn about langue, math, and have an adventure. Once i get done I would make a game of a boy that tries to stop an evil scientist that is planning to take over his town, and make it an action game so there is fighting but not with blood kind of like mortal combat.
Education will help me because i would need a job to earn money. Then i would use the money to save up to go to college. I also need to graduate to get my diploma in high school and in college. After that I will pursuit my dream!

Going to college would be awesome and helpful to my dream. I would create games for all players around the world. Even though that might mean I need a translator. After my success I would start a family and get a nice car and house.