Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acostic Poem

Getting them roses
Inviting them to the movies
Recollecting stuff
Letting them tease with you
Sitting next to them

Name Peom

It means awesome, cool, fun
It is the number 21
It is dark, evil, and loving >:)
It is play tag at the park
It is the memory of Lio
Who taught me honesty and strength
When he fought me
My name is Alex
It means being loyal and caring

Monday, November 24, 2014

Motivation Thang

            Motivation things

In the movie “blindsight” they had new experiences. They climbed a mountain and were blind and most kids don’t even climb mountains. As for me going to Mexico was a new experience and i actually liked it besides going to school there. I would encourage any kid to try new things and figure out that not everything you think is bad is actually bad. resources: flickr and jose Roberto.

Friday, November 14, 2014


                               American Freedom

Freedom is a privilege not a right. Freedom is earned and if you lose it, it is your lost. Our soldiers have done lots for us and giving us freedom is one. We should thank the veterans every time we see one. Some things of freedom are the symbols, the flag, and the rights we have.
We have all types of symbols that resemble freedom, but I got three to talk about. The first one I want to talk about is the eagle. The eagle flies freely and as we follow we are also free. The white house is one too and it resembles that we have a president. We have the freedom of voting for which president we want for the next four years. The last one I got is the flag. 
The Flag has three colors and each one represents something. The red represents hardness and valor for the soldiers that went over seas for us. The blue represents the color of the chief that led the soldiers through the war and led us to success. The white resembles purity and innocence that we do the right thing for a brighter future.
We have rights and my favorite three are bare arms, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. To bare arms is to protect our selfs,to have guns, and its also in the constitution. Religious freedom means we can talk about god and no matter what religion you are we are all equal. Freedom of speech is that we can say things without getting in trouble and get in jail.

Symbols, the flag, and the rights are all about freedom and what the soldiers sacrificed to give it all to us. Say thanks for your service to a veteran if you get a chance. We owe all them for all the great things they’ve done for us all. So don’t lose your freedom doing something dumb.