Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost story

                                 Scary stories

Do you wonder why no one uses the abandoned restrooms in school? It’s not just because of the smell. It’s because of Ron the reckless ghost! He is small and is about 3 feet, fat, with long brown hair. His eyes are like a poop color maybe because he lives in the toilet. Ron is 7,000 years old but it looks like he is 7. Around his big nose, there are a lot of freckles. He smells so good he smells like bacon. He will haunt you and won’t stop pulling pranks on you, until you leave the nasty restroom.
Ron is so mean, he will make you run out of the restroom as fast as you could. At first, he will turn all the lights off and lock the doors. That’s why we removed the doors. Then he will turn a flash light on and right on the mirror you’re next. Then a swarm of old expired chocolate pie will be targeted after your face. He will trip you next and grab a marker to draw a fancy mustache on your face!

Ron is one of the smartest guys in the school. His accuracy that the pie will always hit your face, and he has only A+ on his report card. He knows everything about everybody. So no one will ever again will use the rest room.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Descriptive writing

                                         Halloween at Hogwarts

Ugh it’s the time of the year again. Halloween the time of pranks and games. My favorite part is the feast though. I walk in and then a spider appeared in my mouth all hairy, and I was scared to close my mouth. There was real webs around the enormous pumpkin chandelier. There was a real life or should I say lifeless skeletons following me around. There was a cat made of cake and every time you scared it, it pooped out chocolate balls.
I sat down with my friends at our small but suitable table. There was a slimy chocolate fountain which is weird. Right next to it is Gummy-Yummy bears of every size. Some are as big as me and some are enormous and others where life sized. There was hot pizza with rotten mash potatoes on top of it. You could also taste some watermelon in the pumpkin pie, and a little cherry.

I hear delightful music in the activity room and some murmurs on the table right next to us. The first game I tried was hide and seek which was hard when you went against ghost. Then I tried to do some broom races, the witches always won. Last thing I tried was the bobbing for apples and the fishes always won that so yeah I won nothing. Next year I hope the food is better and I at least win one activity.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making stuff better

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a gigantic, brick wall,
Humpty-Dumpty had a
horrifying fall;
tall men and threescore more
position Humpty-Dumpty as he was before.