Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am Me video

Three thing I learned  doing this project are:

  1. I learned that iMovie makes my computer freeze, it also makes it slow.
  2. I learned that my Photo Booth won't record my voice.
  3. I learned that I am different from everybody else in this whole world.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Dot day helps me feel good in the insides. Makes me want to paint something, or draw a dot. Now i know everyone can draw such as my self. Now i want to draw a turtle. Happy Dot Day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day

An Unforgettable School Day

Today was a beautiful and quiet morning, on the way to the high school, and I wasn’t for sure why we were going. I thought we had conferences or that I got in trouble. When we got there I saw Lio with his family waiting for us, and I was thinking “oh-no”.
Once we walked in we heard talking and we were late for the event. The ceremony was very important.Our family sat together watching as they passed the stage. Lio’s sister was up there she walked with dignity across the stage as we clapped.
It was her graduation which was fun to watch. Lio and I were calling everybody out who we knew in this important ceremony. Then I thought about watching his sister graduating. That’s when I started to try to get better grades. I wanted to graduate just like her when I got older, and afterwards we celebrated with a party.
After that day I tried to do better than I was actually doing. I wasn’t doing very well but now my grades are eh. That day taught me that I have to graduate to be successful. I now try my very hardest in everything.

This is why i remember this day because it was awesome. It also taught me to do better. If I need help I will ask. Now I do my very best in every subject and sport. It taught me to never give up on anything and that one day I will succeed in any subject I wanted to. Every time I go to their house, I remember that one day.