Friday, August 29, 2014

Bedroom Writing

Here is my room, waiting for me when i am done with the day. Sharing my room with my brother, most of the stuff is his. We have a lot of hats hanging gracefully on our wall. Some of the hats are mine but most are my brother. Most of the hats are Chicago Bulls hats because they look cool. I don't really like the bulls but it is an awesome decoration for the walls. Right next to it are our medals hanging and shining in the bright light. All the medals are wrestling and basketball. I have 3 medal on the walls, they are all wresting. The rest are my brothers, basketball and wrestling. All our medals and hats are hanging over our cabinet. The cabinet is about as big as me. It is black, so when we turn the light off it will still look the same. It has 12 cabinet doors to store all of our things in. We don’t store it very well, but as long as it works. The cabinet was also handmade in my garage.
I also have my own cabinet i don’t know why i store nothing in it. I have pictures of my family in my cabinet. I also have a picture of my dad and one of myself save under everything. My cabinet is right next to my bed. My bed is another world. It is pretty messy on and under my bed. My brother and i have separate sheets but they are both red. But we don’t sleep together. We have a bunk bed. I sleep on the top Bunk. I have a little box with pesos. That has some from my dad from Mexico. I collect them too. I am rich beyond measure.